November 23, 2014:

The Name of the Sword,

About 80% there and still on target for a January release.

Finishing up the cover artwork--see it on the left.

cover art for The Gods Within 4-eBook Boxed Set

Since this is the final book in the series The Gods Within, I'm also issuing a 4-eBook Boxed Set.


Also, I'm going to be setting up some giveaways on GoodReads and this site.


So stay tuned.


September 14, 2014:

The Name of the Sword, the 4th and final book in The Gods Within:

I'm about 70% through The Name of the Sword. So I decided to post some additional sample chapters. You can read them here.

January 31, 2014:

The Name of the Sword, the 4th and final book in The Gods Within:

I just finished the synopsis for The Name of the Sword. So what does that mean in terms of schedule?

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October 4, 2013:

The Heart of the Sands is now available on Amazon at:

For iPad, iPhone, Nook & Android users

Don't have a Kindle, but want to read it on another device? Go here to learn how.

September 10, 2013:

The editing stage for The Heart of the Sands is now complete, which means that the manuscript is now in its final form. Today I posted the new and final version of the sample chapters. I'll also be sending the final manuscript to my publisher. It shouldn't take more than another month to have it available. Check out my blog page for additional information.

August 25, 2013:

I'm going to be heading out to WorldCon here shortly. WorldCon is the World Science Fiction Convention, which is being held in San Antonio, Tx from August 29 to September 2. They're calling it LoneStarCon this year because of its venue.

I've been lucky enough to be tapped for panel duty--a real honor.

Thursday, 2 PM: I'll being doing a book signing.

Friday, 5 PM: I'll be giving a presentation on my pet peeve: Bad Science in Laser Weapons, or Why can't they get it right in science fiction?

But I'll be at the Con the entire time, so if any of you are going to be there, I hope to meet you.

If you want more information, click on the link on the right sidebar------->>>

July 27, 2013:

Today I finished the manuscript (MS) for The Heart of the Sands, book 3 of The Gods Within. Now it goes to proofing and editing, then to formatting and publication. That should take about 2 months.

We're already working on the cover design, and I should be able to post that on my web site in the next week or two.

I apologize to all of you for the delay from my original schedule. At this stage, everything is pretty much mechanical, so we should be able to chug right along to publication.

July 1, 2013:

Child of the Sword, book 1 of The Gods Within, just made the cut as a semifinalist in The Kindle Book Review’s 2013 Best Indie Book Awards in the Si-Fi/Fantasy category. See all the semifinalists here.

Here's a quote from their web site on the criteria for selecting semifinalists:

". . . semifinalists received 2 out of 3 “Yes” votes from our 3 screeners. All submissions were judged on the first several pages of the book. The most important elements at this stage were: Did the book grab our attention right away, quality of writing, and formatting."

June 29, 2013:

The Heart of the Sands is coming along nicely, and is about 80% complete. See today's blog post for a progress report and some tidbits on Morgin and Rhianne.

June 11, 2013:

The Heart of the Sands is coming along nicely, and is about 70% complete. See the new extended description.

April 28, 2013:

June11, 2013: The Heart of the Sands is coming along nicely, and is about 70% complete. See the new extended description below.

Still Not Dead Enough: book 2 in The Dead Among US, is now available on Amazon and Smashwords. For those of you who are fans of this series, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Gods Within series is definitely going to run 4 books. I had always intended that the last book would be The Name of the Sword, and since Morgin spends almost the entire third book with the Benesh'ere, the third book will now be The Heart of the Sands. I'm still targeting a July release, but that's now looking like it's a little aggressive. But I'd rather set an aggressive goal to push myself.

March 21, 2013:

Still Not Dead Enough: book 2 in The Dead Among US, got it back from my editor yesterday, reviewed the edits and sent it off to my publisher today. Hoping it will be available in a few weeks.

March 3, 2013:

Child of the Sword makes it to #1 on 3 of Amazon's best-seller lists:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #88 Paid in Kindle Store

#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Fantasy > Epic

#1 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic

#1 in Books > Children's Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy & Magic

February 18, 2013:

Finished Still Not Dead Enough, book 2 in The Dead Among Us. Now free to concentrate on The Name of the Sword, book 3 in The Gods Within. Follow the links in the sidebar to the right for more.

January 10, 2013:

Child of the Sword and The SteelMaster of Indwallin now available on B&N and iBooks

It's been a real struggle. Until recently I published my work on Amazon and Smashwords, and Smashwords propagated the publication to several other sites, including B&N and iBooks. But with the introduction of The Gods Within series, the propagation just didn't happen. Even under the best of circumstances it still took six to eight weeks, but after three months: nothing. So I pulled the plug on that.

My publisher now publishes directly to Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, and iBooks. Just hover your mouse over one of the book covers in the left sidebar, move to "Purchase From" and you'll have links to all the purchase sites.

January 4, 2013:

Child of the Sword just got an excellent review from Kirkus

“A fine fantasy novel that will provide readers with a good weekend escape from reality.” — Kirkus Reviews

I'm quite excited by this because Kirkus is a real institution in the publishing industry, with a storied reputation that goes back to the 1930's. You can read the entire review at Child of the Sword Kirkus Review

December 14, 2012:

SteelMaster is now available on Amazon

  • As of approximately 2:30 PM West Coast time USA, The SteelMaster of Indwallin, book 2 of The Gods Within, went live and was available on Amazon. Purchase it here.
  • Availability on Smashwords, iBooks and Barnes & Noble should follow soon.
  • Print version will be available in a few weeks.

The Dead Among US

  • We're still targeting March for Still Not Dead Enough, book 2 of The Dead Among US.

Child of the Sword is doing extremely well on Amazon.

November 13, 2012:

It was in the top 10 to 20 for more than 6 weeks on the best seller lists detailed below:

  • Books > Children's Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy & Magic
  • Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Fantasy > Epic
  • Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror > Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Magic
  • Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic

Note: the above rankings and links can change hourly, so if you have trouble getting there with the above links, use this link to get to the Child of the Sword Amazon page, and you can follow links on that page to the various best-sellers lists.

I'm really excited by this, and I owe it all to you who've decided to take a chance on my books. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

E-books available on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, iBooks and elsewhere

A Choice of Treasons:
To save himself, he first had to save two empires...but when he tried, his options were limited to a choice of treasons.

The Thirteenth Man:
Beware the curse of the thirteenth man, for should he not fall, all may fall before him.

When Dead Ain't Dead Enough: (1st in The Dead Among Us series)
The dead should ever rest in peace, but when dead ain't dead enough, the living should fear for their mortal souls.

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The Laser Weapon Myth My rant that explains why lasers don't make good weapons, either in science fiction or the real world.

What is a Laser? Can't talk about lasers as weapons without explaining the basics of a laser.

What is Light? Likewise, talk about a laser, have to talk about light

On this web site you'll find:

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