Still Not Dead Enough
Book 2 of The Dead Among Us

When the dead refuse to rest in peace, perhaps they just need a helping hand.

Short Description

Destroying the Secundus Caste demon proved to everyone that Paul is not himself a demon, or demon possessed, so he's breathing a little easier.  They shouldn't be trying to kill him anymore, right?  No such luck!  The Russians want him dead on general principal. The Sidhe have no souls, so they're not really alive, and Paul may have added power over them, which they don't like. And the Summer Knight, Anogh, is pulling strings in the background, manipulating everything concerning Paul and Katherine. Paul is basically on parole, and everyone is waiting for one little misplaced step.  At least old man McGowan has apprenticed him, and that provides some protection from all the rest of them.  But there's a serial killer in the Dallas area, a killer that uses paranormal powers to take the lives of his victims.  And Salisteen, a powerful sorceress in the Dallas area, asks Walter McGowan to bring Paul to Dallas, to see if his unique talents might help them stop the monster.

Extended Description

cover art for Still Not Dead Enough

Salisteen is a very powerful colleague of McGowan's, and she suspects a demon is loose in her city, the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Something has murdered and possessed the souls of a string of young girls. At her request, McGowan brings Paul down to see if his special necromantic powers might be of help in hunting down the demon. McGowan also brings Colleen and Katherine. But Salisteen's hidden agenda is for her and another senior practitioner to have a look at Paul, and he finds himself under their microscope.

From Anogh Paul gets hints that Suzanna's death was not an accident. But Anogh's insinuations are vague and frustratingly obtuse, and Paul begins to suspect that Anogh murdered Suzanna, or at least had something to do with her death. It's then that Paul starts to realize the dead, and maybe a few Sidhe, still aren't quite dead enough, and that maybe they just need a little helping hand to get there.

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Comments (5)

Topic: Still Not Dead Enough
Drew Holmes
Just read everything I can find by you. Enjoyed it all!

Thank you for writing!

Can you add me to your notification list for anything else you publish.

8th March 2013 11:52am
JL Doty (Sf Bay Area, US)

I'm about a week away from finishing the manuscript for book 2. Then it goes to my editor for review--that's another 2-3 weeks. Then to my publisher--that's another 4-6 weeks. So that adds up to about 7-10 weeks from now.

I'll put you on the e-mail list and send you an e-mail when it's ready.


25th January 2013 3:48pm
Laure Olson (Antelope, US)
Enjoyed all your books but especially, and just finished, The Dead Among Us, book 1. I couldn't find book2, Still Not Dead, on Amazon. When?
25th January 2013 2:21pm
JL Doty (Sf Bay Area, US)

I'll be sure to send you an e-mail when anything is being released.


6th January 2013 7:04am
Anthony Bauer (Fargo Nd, US)
I would like to be notified when your books are out. So far I have read everything of yours I can find and will enjoy reading anything that you publish. I just want to know when they come out so if you would be so kind as to send me an email I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
6th January 2013 2:04am
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