The Dead Among Us

The Dead Among Us is a contemporary urban fantasy series set in modern San Francisco.

Paul Conklin is a rather ordinary thirtyish fellow sharing his San Francisco apartment with the ghosts of his dead wife and daughter. He's pretty certain that he's gone bug-fuck nuts, because for Paul, ghosts and wizards and demons and elves might be great fun in a good book, but of course they don't really exist. However, he quickly learns that among us all, hidden in plain sight, is a complete world of fantastic paranormal beings: demons from the Nether Realm, the Sidhe from Faerie, and wizards and witches from just down the street. And apparently they're all bent on killing Paul, or tormenting his soul for eternity.

Katherine McGowan is the beautiful daughter of Walter McGowan, a very powerful wizard. She's a witch, and like her father very much a part of the secret paranormal community living among us. But when everyone else is trying to kill Paul, she defies her father and takes his side helping him to survive, though it's a chancy, day-by-day thing.

When Dead Ain't Dead Enough (book 1)

cover art for When Dead Ain't Dead Enough

The dead should ever rest in peace, but when dead ain't dead enough, the living should fear for their mortal souls.

Paul Conklin is sharing his rather ordinary, present-day San Francisco apartment with the ghosts of his dead wife and daughter. He went through a period of excessive grief after their deaths, but now that they're back, he's much better. Suzanna's cooking for him again, and Cloe's bouncing around the apartment in her school uniform. A piece of Paul realizes he's really bug-fuck nuts, or at least that's what he thinks. He has no idea that a Primus caste demon from the Netherworld covets his soul, and that he's going to have to take a crash course in killing big, bad hoodoo demons, or lose his soul for all eternity.

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Still Not Dead Enough (book 2)

cover art for Still Not Dead Enough

When the dead refuse to rest in peace, perhaps they just need a helping hand.

Destroying the Secundus Caste demon proved to everyone that Paul is not himself a demon, or demon possessed, so he's breathing a little easier. They shouldn't be trying to kill him anymore, right? No such luck! He's on parole, and everyone is waiting for one little misplaced step. At least old man McGowan has apprenticed him, and that provides some protection from all the rest of them. But there's a serial killer in the Dallas area, a killer that uses paranormal powers to take the lives of his victims. And Salisteen, a powerful sorceress in the Dallas area, asks Walter McGowan to bring Paul to Dallas, to see if his unique talents might help them stop the monster.

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Comments (4)

Topic: The Dead Among US
JL Doty (Tucson, US)

I'm trying to get it out early next year. Right now I'm wrapping up the last book in The Gods Within series, which I hope to have out before the end of this year. Then, all my time goes into "Just a Bit More Dead"


24th August 2014 7:16am
Mark Taylor (UK)
Any news when the next installment is going to be? A great series and I am waiting with bated breath.
22nd August 2014 6:11am
JL Doty (Tucson, US)

I've just started on it, but it's probably going to be mid to late 2014. For a few details, check out my blog--you can just click on Blog above.


18th November 2013 2:02pm
Nick (US)
I've read all your books (except the thirteenth man) and I have to say, you're certainly one of my favorite authors. Any word on a third installment of The Dead Among Us?
18th November 2013 12:45pm
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