Child of the Sword
Book 1 of The Gods Within

When gods and wizards go to war . . . it's best to just find a good shadow and hide.

Short Description

Rat is no ordinary thief. A filthy and malnourished feral child; he survives on what he can steal. But he creates his own shadows and hides within them, though he's completely unaware of his use of magic. When a clan of powerful wizards see his shadowmagic they adopt him, because they want such magic in the clan. Perhaps that's a good thing for Rat, as long as they don't kill him in the process.

Extended Description

cover art for Child of the Sword

Rat is no ordinary thief. A feral, filthy and malnourished child; he haunts the streets of the medieval city Anistigh and survives on what he can steal. When he tries to steal a purse and bungles it, a mob wants to cut off his hand as punishment, so to save himself he slips into a convenient shadow to hide. Rat thinks it's just another warm and comfortable shadow cast by the sun, but a clan wizard sees him create the shadow with his magic, an instinctive act of which Rat is unaware. Rat's magic is subtle, but potentially quite powerful, so he is adopted into the greatest of the Lesser Clans, adopted into a family, and given the name Morgin.

Morgin quickly grows into manhood and the clan teaches him wizardry and sorcery and swordsmanship. Having survived the streets of Anistigh, Morgin is inclined to avoid conflict, would be content to remain on the sidelines in the ever present clan rivalries. But as a clansman he inherits the enemies of the clan, and his shadowmagic proves to be a powerful weapon. As the ancestral conflict between the Greater and Lesser Clans once again leads to war, not even the clans realize that their petty little war is spawned by the primeval battle between the righteous gods of the Celestial Plane and the fallen gods of the Nether Plane. For it is upon the Mortal Plane, with mortal lives, and mortal pain and suffering and death; it is upon the Mortal Plane that the gods meet and fight their wars.

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Comments (5)

Topic: Child of the Sword
JL Doty (Sf Bay Area, US)
I've been targeting June or July. But I hurt myself and spent the last six weeks on pain meds and couldn't really write, so I'm a little behind schedule. But I'm back at it now and working exclusively on getting book 3 out as soon as possible.
16th March 2013 4:10pm
Robert Wiegel (Garland, US)
Loved Child of the sword and The Steel Master of Indwallin.
When can we expect the third book.
16th March 2013 3:00pm
J. L. Doty (US)

Sorry, no hints.

I think book 2 will be out near the end of December. I sent the final manuscript to the editor on Sunday for review and corrections, etc. We're working on the cover design and all that stuff now. If there are any delays, worst case scenario is some time in January, 2013, but I'm still pushing for December.

I'll drop you an e-mail when it's released. You can also check that little blue box in the upper right hand corner of my home page on this site.


9th October 2012 7:21pm
Dave (US)
Also when is the book going to be out?
9th October 2012 6:11pm
Dave (US)
The book was great read it over a weekend. Of course Im looking forward to book 2 in the series. Does Morgin gain his magic back?
9th October 2012 6:09pm
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