The SteelMaster of Indwallin
Book 2 of The Gods Within

Can one ever rule both the steel within, and the shadows without?

Short Description

When Morgin's sword goes berserk and wants to butcher everyone at the annual meeting of the Lesser Council, he's barely able to control its rabid bloodlust. But the Lesser Council declares him an outlaw for bringing such a dangerous talisman onto the Mortal Plane. So with a price on his head he goes on the run, a wizard without power always just one step ahead of the next bounty hunter.

Extended Description

cover art for The SteelMaster of Indwallin

Morgin finds himself living two lives. When he goes to sleep at night he dreams of a life twelve hundred years in the past. But it's not like a dream, it's more like another life, for when he goes to sleep in that other life, he awakes again in this one, still a hunted man.

In the far past he's a mercenary Benesh'ere warrior hired out to one of the twelve Legions of Angels fighting in the Great Clan Wars. And there he fights alongside, and against, legendary figures from the far past of the Shahot. He gets to see firsthand the truth of the Wars, and the truth of, or rather the lies behind, the legends that every clansman has heard of since childhood. And the Benesh'ere warrior has his own memories of a peaceful childhood disrupted by the Wars, and centuries spent at the forges shaping the steel for a legendary blade, a blade without flaw, a self-forged blade.

Beware the power of the self-forged blade.

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Topic: The SteelMaster of Indwallin
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JL Doty (Sf Bay Area, US)

I took your e-mail address from your comment, and I'll definitely send you a short e-mail when the next book is ready.

I should add that I'm about half way through book 3, and it looks like June is a bit ambitious. But it's coming along nicely.

Also, while I hadn't intended to do more than 3 books in this series, it now looks like it will take a 4th book to wrap up the main plot line. In the next month I'll post a blog on that, and some sample chapters from book 3.


27th April 2013 2:52pm
Ken (UK)
Glad to hear that the third book is coming out in June or July. Would be nice to get an email when it does come out.
27th April 2013 2:17pm
JL Doty (Sf Bay Area, US)

I trying to have the third book ready by June or July of 2013. I'll keep you posted.


25th December 2012 9:45am
Kannan (Chicago, US)
I liked the first two books. Pretty good world building, nice characterizations and action. Is the date set for publishing the 3rd one?
21st December 2012 9:05pm
Dan (Manchester, UK)
I enjoyed the first book - it took me only a few days to read all of it - I was gripped! Plaase can you email me book 2 is released for kindle?
5th December 2012 8:25pm
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